We had a great start to the term with our services last week. It was great to see so many people! Here’s what’s coming up:

Sunday Services

9.30am – St. Bartholomew’s and Zoom (There will be refreshments after the service)

11.15am – Church of the Saviour

7pm – Benefice Service at St. Bartholomew’s and Zoom.

The Zoom code for our Sunday services is below:


Meeting ID: 347 838 844


Friday Live! is back up and running now at Church of the Saviour 6.30-7.30pm


Creche and Sunday School

Crèche and Sunday School are restarting at St. Bartholomew’s. If you already filled in a permission form last term, please re-sign and date it. They will be available before the service.

There is also a form attached to this email. It would be helpful if parents of new children could print it off, fill it in and bring it on Sunday.


House/Bible Study Groups

All our midweek groups are running now. If you’d like to dig deeper into the Bible and get to know people better, these are a great place to go! They run at different times and locations throughout the week. See Chris for more info and feel free to try a session.

The Monday group, run by Duncan and Jacqui has changed time and will now be meeting at 11am, Monday at Church of the Saviour.


Ladies Group  – Church of the Saviour

This will be restarting with the first meeting being on Tuesday 21st September at 1.30pm.



Men’s Curry Night – Thur 30th Sep

We’re going out for a curry at Anaz, Darwen in the evening on Thursday 30th September. There’ll be a sign up sheet at church this week, and we’ll be asking for a £5 deposit to secure the table. All men welcome!

North West Partnership Ministry Training Course

I did this as a 21 year old and it was fantastic. This course runs on:

Tuesday evening (online) – start 28th Sept

Thursday day time (Leyland) – start 23rd Sept

The daytime course covers: Biblical Theology, Exposition, Practical Ministry and Hands on Training. The evening course covers: Biblical Theology, Exposition and Hands on Training.

Biblical Theology – An overview of the whole Bible, looking at how God’s Word fits together

Exposition – After covering the tools of interpreting and applying the Bible passage there will be worked expositions through a number of Bible books, focusing on how to teach and apply them

Hands on Training – A chance to gain experience in giving talks with feedback from ministers and preachers. Each student will practise giving talks and feedback

Practical Ministry – Visiting lecturers will bring their own expertise on a whole range of practical aspects of ministry. Subjects include Children & Youth, Evangelism, Counselling, Growing Churches

You can find out more here: https://www.northwestpartnership.com/training/ministry-training-course/


[Jesus] told them, ‘This is what is written: the Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day,  and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations

Luke 24:46-47


Last week we saw that the Bible is good news, for everyone. It is all about Jesus who really did rise from the dead and really can forgive our sins!

This term we’ll be looking how this amazing message led to the formation of the church.

In Christ,


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